Patient Annual Survey 2017 Results

Q.1. Which surgery have you attended over the last year? You may attend either site.

Options Total
Old Court House (OCH) 45
Both 84

Q.2. Which method(s) have you used to book appointments over the last year?

Options Total
On-line 20
Telephone 106
Walk-in 12

Q.3. Do you feel that our current arrangement of appointment booking by phone meets your needs?

Options Total
Yes 107
No 30

Q.5 How do you book advance appointments?

Options Total
On-line 22
Telephone 91
Walk-in 19

Q.6 Have you taken advantage of the extended hours appointments (appointments available outside of core hours ie before 8.00am and after 6.30 pm)?

Options Total
Yes 46
No 88

Q.7. When feeling unwell do you

Options Total
Self-manage? 106
Consult a pharmacist? 8
Follow advice on our website? 3
Seek other help from a Nurse? 2
Seek other help from a GP? 16
Seek other help from 111? 1
Seek other help from a A&E? 0

Q.8. Do you know you can order repeat prescriptions on-line?

Options Total
Yes 74
No 61

How easy and user friendly do you find it?

Options Total
Easy 30
Fairly easy 15
Fairly difficult 3
Difficult 2

Q.10 We regularly publish newsletters in collaboration with the PPG. Have you seen any of them?

Options Total
Yes 35
No 101

Q.12. Do you read the information on the Patient Participation Group (PPG) boards at OCH and RHL?

Options Total
Yes 39
No 43
Not aware of them 54

Q.13 In 2017 we intend to hold further Open meetings of the PPG where you can come and have your say about services, although we are not able to deal with personal or medical problems. Would you consider coming to an open meeting?

Options Total
Yes 72
No 60

Q.14 Do you think that the communication between the Surgery and the patients has improved in the last year?

Options Total
Yes 92
No 22

Q.16 How do you rate the service from the Practice overall?

Options Total
Excellent 60
Good 67
Adequate 5
Poor 3

Q.18. In the last year, compared with 2016, has the Practice

Options Total
Served you better? 40
Performed much the same? 0
Not served you as well? 4