Patient Participation Group: Core Group: 11th January 2019

Those present:

Patients: Audrey Alford, Paul Alford, Hannah Street, David Williams, Anne Allan (apologies: Craig Marriott)
Practice: Jackie Manville (for Liaison part of meeting)

Glossary: Old Court House (OCH), Patient Participation Group (PPG), Sutton Clinical Commissioning Group (SCCG), Patient Reference Group (PRG), Healthwatch (HW), Care Quality Commission (CQC)

Item Action
1.       Core Group and Virtual Group:

The Core Group (CG) has 6 members. The Virtual Group (VG) has 57 members (if one email address is used for two people then it counts as two members).



AAllan to keep VG list up to date


2.       Communication with Patients:

Virtual Group

  • Email sent –notes of meeting for 23/11/18


Notes of meetings now on the website up to Sept 2018. Notes of meeting for 23/11/18 have been sent to the Practice for uploading. Details of the next Open meeting are on the website and notices ready to put on the PPG noticeboards.


The following dates were proposed:

Friday 8th February 2019 OCH Core Group 12.00-14.00

Friday 8 March 2019 OCH Open meeting 12.30-13.30pm

Friday 24th May 2019 OCH Core Group 12.00-13.00, Partners 13.00-13.30, Core 13.30-14.00









AAlford to liaise with DrW & PD and cc JM re. all proposed meeting dates and venues

3.       Annual Survey:

The CG spent time finalising the draft 2019 Patient Annual Survey during the meeting. The draft will be sent to the Practice for amendments before publishing and uploading to the website.

The final version to be sent by Practice to AAllan for circulation by email to the VG.

The CG intend to make themselves available in the OCH waiting area on several days to assist/encourage patients to complete the survey.


AAllan to complete final draft of 2019 Patient Annual Survey and forward to the Practice for their adjustments and production.

Practice to send final version to AAllan for circulation to VG

4.       PRG:

OCH PRG Reps are P. Alford, A. Alford, C. Marriott (when available)

9/1/19 PRG report from Paul Alford

Meeting cancelled but another may be arranged before the end of January.


Sutton Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) had requested Healthwatch (HW) conduct a review of all practices’ websites. AAlford as representative for the OCH PPG had been responsible for overseeing the review of the OCH website. The CG met to assist with this task. AAlford had involved the Practice by liaising with JM and reporting on the observations and comments received. Only 6 Practices had responded to the CCG website review request and 2 of those were incomplete.


The Practice requested that the CG review booking appointments on-line and offer any suggestions for improvement


Dates of future meetings

Weds 13th March 18.00pm

Mon 20th May 16.45pm

Tues 16th July 16.45pm

Weds 18th Sept 16.45pm

Weds 13th Nov 16.45pm


Healthwatch Sutton is contracted by the SCCG to run PRG meetings.













CG to review booking appointments on-line and feedback to Practice

Item for next agenda

5.       Newsletter:

It was proposed that a newsletter be published as soon as possible.



It was suggested that the following long piece be written by DW for the PPG:-

(i) Improving Healthcare Together 2010-2030 – to include:

  • acute hospital progress;
  • hub clinics;
  • 293 bus route;
  • shuttle bus;
  • the new Institute of Cancer Research in Sutton;
  • Sutton Health and Care & Epsom Health and Care.


Possible articles to be written by the Practice:-

(i) pharmacist at OCH;

(ii) 2018 Patient Annual Survey – explanations in answer to some issues raised regarding disabled parking, lowering reception desk, repeat prescriptions of critical medicines;

(iii) remodelling.



Practice and CG to liaise



Completed PPG article(s) by DW to be sent to AAllan for placing in template

AAllan to send template to JM/DrW for adding Practice articles, printing and publication





Possible item for next meeting agenda


6.       Practice booklet:

A Practice leaflet has been slightly adjusted and sent off for printing. A fuller Practice booklet is offered online for reading and/or downloading and will be given to all new patients. It was agreed to review and update both leaflet and booklet once the remodelling is complete.



New Practice leaflet to be available when printed


7.       Assisting on National Health Days & with other activities:

The Practice are aware that CG members are willing to help if available. It had been previously agreed that the CG would circulate KS’s diabetic clinic and presentation information to the VG. Awaiting diabetic information from KS.



AAlford to request diabetic clinic and presentation info from KS for circulation to VG via AAllan


8.       Technical Solutions – Improved Access

The Practice hope that Wi-Fi will be switched on sometime in March 2019.


9.       OCH and RHL development plans:

Progress on-going with the remodelling plans.



Agenda for January meeting

10.       Outstanding issues:


11.       AOB:

  • JM reported that the CCG are to conduct a Practice Quality Visit on Friday 18 January. Work with PPG will be included e.g. meeting notes.
  • Item for next meeting with the Partners, the CG wish to ask if the phone line at OCH could be opened at the same time as the door i.e. 7.30am. This was an issue that was raised by patients in the 2018 Patient Annual Review.
  • JM had sent an email to AAlford, on behalf of the Practice, thanking the PPG for their work



Agenda item for next meeting with Partners

12.       Dates for future meetings:

The following dates were proposed:

Friday 8th February 2019 OCH Core Group 12.00-14.00 (agenda to include remodelling, Patient Annual Survey 2019, newsletter, booking appointments on-line)

Friday 8 March 2019 OCH Open meeting 12.30-13.30pm

Friday 24th May 2019 OCH Core Group 12.00-13.00, Partners 13.00-13.30, Core 13.30-14.00



AAlford to liaise with PD & DrW cc JM re confirmation of meeting dates and allocation of venues

AAlford to invite JM to Core Group meetings