Patient Annual Survey 2018

As always thank you for participating in the 2018 Practice survey. We value your opinions as they enable us to shape the services we offer. The Practice website will guide you to other on-line services that are available such as being able to book GP appointments and request repeat prescriptions. Our website also directs you to the right clinician, offers helpful health advice and provides news items such as notes from and future dates of PPG meetings and the regular Practice/PPG newsletter.

Patient Annual Survey 2018


Making Appointments

Please note: - it may be considered appropriate that you see a specialist nurse rather than a GP. (If you have not registered for the on-line booking facility, bring a photo ID and a proof of your address to reception at OCH or RHL and we will get you started)
Self-manage generally means to look after yourself at home

Requesting Repeat Prescriptions Online

How do you find out about Practice Services

Q.15. If you would like to become involved in the Virtual PPG please write your email address below. Members of the Virtual PPG receive notes of meetings and are invited to attend Open meetings. They may also be consulted by email on issues raised by the Patient Reference Group or Practice.

(Your email address will not be used for any other reason or given to any third party)

General Comments on OCH/RHL Services