Patient Participation Group: Core Group: 21st September 2018

Those present:

Patients: Audrey Alford, David Williams, Paul Alford, Anne Allan (apologies: Craig Marriott, Hannah Street)

Glossary: Old Court House (OCH), Patient Participation Group (PPG), Sutton Clinical Commissioning Group (SCCG), Patient Reference Group (PRG), Healthwatch (HW), Robin Hood Lane (RHL), Care Quality Commission (CQC)

Item Action
1.       Core Group and Virtual Group:

The Core Group (CG) has 6 members. The Virtual Group (VG) has 58 members (if one email address is used for two people then it counts as two members).


AAllan to update VG list

2.       Communication with Patients:

Virtual Group

  • Two members of the VG had encountered problems accessing the Annual Survey online. This was raised with the Practice who explained that the survey link was on the website until the original closing date. However, it came off after the end date was extended, which coincided with the VG being requested to complete the survey, hence the problem.
  • Email sent – pain clinic open meeting information from Healthwatch
  • Email sent – PPG Open meeting invite

There had been a few problems with the advertising of the Open meeting on the website and inaccuracies on the dot matrix.

The following dates were proposed:

Friday 23rd November 2018 OCH Core Group 12.00–14.00

Friday 11th January 2019 OCH Core group 12.00-13.30, Liaison 13.30

Thursday 7th February 2019 OCH Core group 12.00-14.00




AAllan to send draft notes from 11/7/18 and 21/9/18 meetings to VG and Practice for uploading to website and sharing with Partners







AAlford to liaise with DrW & PD and cc JM re. all proposed meeting dates and venues

3.       Annual Survey:

Feedback from the 2018 survey is on the website. Generally comments about the Practice were mostly very positive. Three main issues were raised (i) booking appointments; (ii) disabled parking; (iii) the reception desk (height etc.). The CG plan to draft the 2019 Patient Annual Survey at their November meeting.

It was agreed to have a longer period for survey completion to ensure access to the survey remains available on the website front page throughout the whole time.


2019 Patient Annual Survey to be drafted at November meeting

4.       PRG:

OCH PRG Reps are P. Alford, A. Alford, C. Marriott (when available)

5/9/18 PRG report from Paul Alford

A presentation was made by Help Yourself to Health, a 6 week community based interactive educational course for Sutton’s Tamil, Urdu and Polish speaking communities. (These being the 3 top ethnic minorities’ languages identified by the local authority.) The course is designed and delivered in partnership with Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare and is about to begin its 3rd year of sessions.

Learning focuses on NHS services and how best to access them. Raises the awareness of key health messages, healthy living, improving lifestyles, and promotes self-care and supports individuals to take control of their health and wellbeing, (including mental health) and that of their families. Courses are delivered by Tamil, Urdu and Polish speaking health advocacy workers to remove the language barrier. Courses can be accessed through the GP or by self-referral. SCCG buys the course in from Hounslow and Richmond CCG; it replaces a SCCG course named “Livewell”.

Information was given to the PRG regarding Community Health Champions. There are 10 in total, they provide information and encourage a wide range of health related subjects including “Pharmacy”, “Walking”, “Practice Websites” etc.

The meetings attention was drawn to a website called “Walking for Health” which shows free organised walks by area.

PRG report 5/9/19 cont.

Patient Online was discussed, the overall feeling was that it is not as good as the website it replaced, although it did have one champion amongst the 20 or so attendees.

A presentation was made regarding Improving Healthcare Together, an initiative to provide blue light A&E services for Merton, Surrey Downs, Epsom and St. Helier area. Currently there are two sites offering this cover, but in the future there will be only one site offering 24 hour consultant level staffing. There are a number of Stakeholder reference group meetings in the 3 CCGs to discuss the site of this one A&E department.


Dates of future meetings

7 November 2018

Healthwatch Sutton is contracted by the SCCG to run PRG meetings.

5.       Newsletter:

The first 2018 newsletter was published in January. The PPG discussed when the next should be issued with the Practice at their meeting with the Partners (following the Core Group meeting). It was agreed not to issue another newsletter yet although an explanation of the appointment system, encouraging self-help and routes to healthcare were seen as relevant topics for a future issue.



Practice and CG to liaise


Review next newsletter at the November meeting

6.       Practice booklet:

A Practice leaflet is available. A fuller Practice booklet is offered online for reading and/or downloading and will be given to all new patients. The leaflet and booklet will need updating once the remodelling is complete.

In future information about the routes to healthcare could also be expanded in the full booklet.

7.       Assisting on National Health Days & with other activities:

The Practice are aware that CG members are willing to help if available. It was agreed to circulate KS’s diabetic clinic and presentation information to the VG.


KS to send diabetic clinic and presentation info to AAlford for circulation to VG via AA


8.       Technical Solutions – Improved Access

No updated information


9.       OCH and RHL development plans:

Progress is being made with the remodelling plans.



Agenda for November meeting

10.   Outstanding issues:


11.   AOB:

  • The PPG has been asked by Pam Howe from HW to review the Practice’s website. It was agreed that AAlford would be the representative for the OCH PPG and responsible for collecting in responses and collating this information. A request for feedback about the website will be sent to the VG, CG and some other patients. The feedback will be collated and fed back to the Practice, HW and SCCG.
  • The Practice now have a Facebook page.

AAlford to liaise with Practice about review and collect in and collate feedback from patients about the Practice’s website

12.   Dates for future meetings:

The following dates were proposed:

Friday 23rd November 2018 OCH Core Group 12.00–14.00 (agenda to include remodelling, Patient Annual Survey 2019 and newsletter)

Friday 11th January 2019 OCH Core group 12.00-13.30, Liaison 13.30 Dr W, JM

Thursday 7th February 2019 OCH Core group 12.00-14.00



AAlford to liaise with PD & DrW cc JM re confirmation of meeting dates and allocation of venues

AAlford to invite JM to Core Group meeting in November